Minnesota Corn Growers Association

"We are dedicated to identifying and promoting opportunities for corn growers while enhancing quality of life."

With nearly 7,000 members, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) is one of the largest grassroots farm organizations in the United States. Working in close partnership with the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, MCGA identifies and promotes opportunities for Minnesota’s 24,000 corn farmers while building connections with the non-farming public. We accomplish this by investing in third-party research that focuses on water quality and soil health, targeted consumer outreach, developing new uses for corn and working to add value to every bushel of corn grown in Minnesota.

The shared mission of MCGA and MCR&PC is to identify and promote opportunities for corn farmers, while enhancing quality of life. Although these two organizations are separate and distinct entities, they share the common goal of expanding the use, marketing, and efficient, environmentally sound production of corn while helping others understand the value and importance of corn production to our nation’s economy.

Minnesota Corn Growers Association

We are dedicated to identifying and promoting opportunities for corn growers while enhancing quality of life.
What does the Minnesota Corn Growers Association do for you?

• MCGA partners with organizations such as the U.S. Grains Council to build export markets for American agriculture-nurturing a robust and lasting global customer base for Minnesota corn.

• Minnesota’s corn farmers continue to invest in the future of fuels, funding upgraded infrastructure to bring higher blends of ethanol to market and increase overall corn demand.

• We collaborate with research institutions to develop sustainable best practices that yield on-farm savings for Minnesota growers, creating a healthier and more productive agricultural system.

• MCGA cultivates connections with elected officials and thought leaders to help foster conversation and a better understanding of those issues important to corn farmers such as property taxes, regulation, and health care access.

• We advocate tirelessly for rural communities at the State Capitol, ensuring that Greater Minnesota receives a fair share of new transportation funding, expanded broadband access, and other priorities important to your community.

State Legislative Activities

MCGA led a delegation of Minnesota corn farmers to the state capitol in St. Paul to talk farm policy, biofuels and rural issues with more than 50 Minnesota legislators.

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